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Customizable Stay-in-Touch

The Contact Update Request application allows you to send customized Stay-in-Touch emails to your contact database. You can now decide yourself which fields you want to include in your Contact Update Request emails.

  • Create your own Contact Update Request email, one by one or with the Mass stay in touch functionality.
  • Only include contact information that you would like your contact person to check, including custom fields.
  • Use a Letterhead and Email Template to exclude branding that you don’t want to include in the email.
The Contact Update Request application gives you the possibility to send customized Stay-in-Touch emails from within to your contact database. Use the feature to send personalized Contact Update Requests to the contacts you haven’t been in touch with for a while and make sure your contact database stays clean and accurate. Receive the contact’s feedback automatically back in your Salesforce® database, and save the changes immediately after review.


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  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited,, and Performance Editions Enterprise & Up
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Package Name
Contact Update Request
Spring 2018.2 / 1.40.0
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Acuerdo Consultancy
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