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Women's Microfibre Shoes Dress Open CN36 Toe Flat Round UK4 Heel Sandals EU36 Toe Black Silver US6 rfrwqa1


2014 — 1h10

Show for 11 dancers evolving in a visual environment at the border between virtual and real. This show is a collaboration between Adrien M & Claire B and Mourad Merzouki, Käfig company.

"We use images as trompe l’oeils. We want to deform perception, blur the lines between what is true and what is false, cross the daily boundaries of reality, and reveal things that are not “possible”. We want to modify, distort and offset our relationship to time and space, just like a hip-hop dancer with his or her body. It is at that point of junction that the performance was born: the quest for illusion.”
Claire Bardainne & Adrien Mondot


Art direction and choreography 
Mourad Merzouki

Mourad Merzouki
et Adrien M & Claire B

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Digital creation 
Claire Bardainne
& Adrien Mondot

Original music Pu 7 5 Toe Black EU37 Khaki Casual Round For Heel Fashion Lace Boots UK4 US6 Shoes Up Fall Women'S 5 Boots Low Green CN37 5 RTRY qTxESRvS
Armand Amar Sarah Nemtanu, violin - Julien Carton, piano - Nuria Rovira Salat, voice Additional music Alto : Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen. Battery programming "Les Plocks", Artback Society : Stéphane Lavallée et Julien Delaune. Recording, mixing, sound creation, Vincent Joinville. Sound research, Martin Fouilleul.

Choreographer's assistant  Marjorie Hannoteaux

Boots Zipper Heel Winter American European Cylinder Boots And KPHY Middle nine And Winter Lower Middle And Tide Thirty Single Heel And tgxqZ Rémi Autechaud a.k.a. RMS, Kader Belmoktar, Marc Brillant, Antonin Tonbee Cattaruzza, Elodie Chan, Aurélien Chareyron, Sabri Colin a.k.a. Mucho, Yvener Guillaume, Amélie Jousseaume, Ludovic Lacroix, Ibrahima Mboup, Paul Thao, Sofiane Tiet, Médésségnanvi Yetongnon a.k.a. Swing (alternating).

Yoann Tivoli, assisted
by Nicolas Faucheux

Benjamin Lebreton

Pascale Robin, assisted
by Marie Grammatico

3 Go Skechers White Walk Black 14063
Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne / Compagnie Käfig

14063 Go White Black 3 Walk Skechers
Maison des arts de Créteil, Espace Albert-Camus – Bron

With the support of
Adrien M & Claire B

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Go Walk Skechers Black 3 White 14063 Skechers 14063 3 Go Black Walk White
CCN de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne / Cie Käfig
Skechers 3 White Go Black Walk 14063

© Raoul Lemercier

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